How Millennials Give to Charity | 8 ways They Want to Give

Millennials like to give. And it's been shown that 9 in 10 millennials will actually switch brands if they have a choice between one that is associated with a cause and one that was not. Here's some more interesting observations about Millennials and Philanthropy:

1.They are much less interested in the people or the ideas behind a nonprofit than they are in the results the nonprofit produces.

2. They love online giving and are willing to give through apps. Just don't call them and expect them to listen to a phone pitch.

3. They seek out communities that want to make a change in the world, not long time institutions.

4. Over 50% gave via mobile phone last year, according to the Blackbaud report. They often donated about $25 each time.

5. They want to give their own time to causes they believe in.

6. They have grown up with crowdfunding and see it as an important part of giving.

7. They want to keep in touch with the causes they donate too and they want updates on projects.

8. They give impulsively rather than planning out their giving.

Millennials expect transparency, sophisticated storytelling and technical savvy from their charitable organizations. And many donors will not only give money, but will also volunteer and lend the force of their own social networks to a cause they believe in. (1)

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