I'm still trying to find a way to link coffee drinking with philanthropy but until then.... Here are my favorites in Orange County and other spots. I like well pulled shots, americanos, not over-heated whole milk, lattes, friendly baristas, occasionally a homemade syrup added in and a clean modern aesthetic in which to wait for and drink my coffee.

Kit Coffee  Costa Mesa   We finally have a coffee scene in the OC
Neat Coffee  Near John Wayne Airport, Orange County Ally is the best!
Hopper and Burr Santa Ana  No sweetener needed, these guys know how to not overheat the milk
Acme Coffee  Monterey  Mexican Mocha y'all
Temple Coffee  Sacramento  each location is special and all are delish
Beacon Coffee  Ventura and Camarillo nice people serving good espresso-hard to find in this area

Phoenix Public Market Cafe Serving up smiles and perfectly pulled espresso for my latte

Kainos Coffee- Near PDX Airport Good people doing great things and masters of shot pulling

Boxcar Coffee  Denver
Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters Lakewood (near Denver) yum, yum watch em roast and buy some

(updated: March 20, 2017)