Week 3 Tax Day Made Simple

the family office
I love doing my taxes. Yes, you may find that odd, but to me it's a game of how many write-offs can I find.

Over the years, I have done my taxes myself, hired pricey CPA's , hired tax professionals and finally settled on Turbo Tax.

Over the years, several of those tax professionals messed up my taxes. One year, the guy filed my taxes on accident and blamed it on his software.  We had to amend for no fault of our own. My taxes are fairly simple now so I use Turbo Tax.

I'm a huge advocate of working smarter not harder. One practical way I do that is by logging tax information as I go into a spreadsheet in google docs. I also do an estimate in taxcaster to make sure I'm within range of where I want to be. I don't want to be hit by a huge tax bill at the end of the year. If I'm set to get a big refund, I can adjust my withholding and get more each month. I keep a box of receipts and update these forms every few months, saving the receipts in my yearly tax file.

Travel and Philanthropy

One of my favorite spots in Phoenix is the Botanical Garden. There are walking trails throughout and a butterfly exhibit in the Spring. The day we were there, they had an artist guild spread throughout the park, displaying their creations.

For $109 we purchased a year membership with $69 being tax deductible. The park is wonderful place to hike and see some spectacular Saguaro cactus.

I love combining travel with Philanthropy. 

Looking for Philanthropist Role Models

The Jones Prize for Philanthropy recognizes an individual who embodies Philanthropy. The Institute for Private Investors Award will provide a $25,000 Cash Grant for to an individual under 40 who has made a difference. Check it out and nominate someone you know!

How To Nominate:


THE DENNIS M. JONES FAMILY FOUNDATION IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE INSTITUTE FOR PRIVATE INVESTORS are presenting a $25,000 prize to an individual, under 40 years of age, who has demonstrated his or her passion and commitment to a philanthropic cause.

THE INSTITUTE FOR PRIVATE INVESTORS is a global community of private investors providing peer-to-peer learning, access to extraordinary investor education and connectivity to best-in-class investors and advisors.

THE JONES PRIZE IN PHILANTHROPY is dedicated to Dennis Jones, a long-time member of IPI who believed that the call to giving and service was the highest honor.

ABOUT THE AWARD: $25,000 will be awarded to the non-profit organization the recipient of this award works with.

ELIGIBILITY: Under 40 years of age

DEADLINE: Friday, April 14, 2017